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Providing the Future of
Thermal Management Technology

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Moving ceramics from a 2D space to a 3D space in Thermal Management Design

Fourier is bringing scientific discovery from the lab to scalable solutions.


Fourier delivers B2B turn-key end-use ceramic devices. We offer short lead times and high-resolution parts that are customizable based on customer specific needs. Fourier's MVP is a thermoformable ceramic matrix composite (CMC) that can be molded to bespoke geometries and is capable of encapsulating surface mounted electronic components without additional barriers, providing effective thermal management! This is due to our being electrically insulative, with tunable thermal conductivity based on the materials composition. Further, our devices are mechanically robust, providing a vast range of possible applications for our MVP.

Technology development and power demands in 5G technology, renewable energy, and wearable electronics are ever expanding. Further, there is a clear need to innovate in the thermal management space to address over 55% of electronic failure is due to overheating. Leading to unnecessary electronic waste. Fourier's innovation in the technical ceramic space has been sufficiently de-risked and can be implemented to solve these thermal problems today! Our next steps are to scale our technology to an industrial scale to provide our solutions to the world. 


To solve the world’s largest technical problems through scientific innovation, improving humanity while preserving our ecology

Traditionally, thermoforming has been restricted to metal and plastics. Fourier has pushed that boundary, now, thin-sheet ceramics can molded into complex 3D thermal management devices!


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